• OmniFlex Crossover Cleaning

OmniFlex Crossover Cleaning


  • OmniFlex™ AutoVac Battery

    OmniFlex™ AutoVac Battery

    The OmniFlex AutoVac is an automated high performance floor cleaning machine that cleans as well and as fast as a traditional walk-behind or ride-on autoscrubber – at a fraction of the cost! A really simple approach to cleaner, safer floors, this system is perfect for high speed cleaning of hard surface areas, such as hallways, cafeterias, lobbies, warehouses, fitness areas and more. It’s as fast and effective as an autoscrubber without the added cost or complexity, making it perfect for building service contractors and facility managers alike.

  • OmniFlex™ Dispense-and-Vac

    OmniFlex™ Dispense-and-Vac

    The Dispense-and-Vac system is one of the most popular OmniFlex™ models, providing a simple, fast approach to clean, safe floors.

  • OmniFlex™ Dispense-and-Vac for Food Service

    OmniFlex™ Dispense-and-Vac for Food Service

    Food service establishments typically generate high volumes of greasy soils that are extremely difficult to remove, and can lead to costly accidents. Just as bad, studies show that dirty floors drive customers away – never to return.

  • OmniFlex™ AutoVac

    OmniFlex™ AutoVac

    The OmniFlex AutoVac is an automated floor cleaning machine that rivals the performance of an autoscrubber – at a fraction of the cost!

  • OmniFlex™ Spray-and-Vac

    OmniFlex™ Spray-and-Vac

    When it comes to cleaning restrooms and other heavily soiled areas, nothing beats Spray-and-Vac cleaning technology. And the OmniFlex approach offers an easy way to get there. Just combine the 150 or 500 psi OmniFlex Pump System with the Wet/Dry Vacuum and the Trolley-Bucket for the ultimate cleaning experience. Or, purchase a pre-configured 150 or 500 psi Spray-and-Vac system.

  • OmniFlex™ Spray-and-Squeegee

    OmniFlex™ Spray-and-Squeegee

    OmniFlex™ can be easily transformed into a Spray-and-Squeegee or Mop system, providing a superior yet cost-effective alternative to traditional mopping in restrooms and more.


Individual Products

  • OmniFlex™ Anti-tip Wheelie Bar

    OmniFlex™ Anti-tip Wheelie Bar

    Optional stabilizer support bar assembly that attaches to the OmniFlex Trolley-Bucket. Prevents tipping when Trash or Supply Bags are loaded.

  • OmniFlex™ Battery Retrofit Kit

    OmniFlex™ Battery Retrofit Kit

    Kaivac’s Smart Battery Box incorporates advanced portable power technology to turn any OmniFlex AutoVac or Dispense-and-Vac system into a cordless unit in a matter of seconds. This means that cleaning professionals can move freely and quickly throughout the facility at any time of the day with virtually no boundaries -- or concern for power outlets and trip hazards.

  • OmniFlex™ Shelved Supply Bag

    OmniFlex™ Shelved Supply Bag

    Durable nylon bag includes 3 shelves for supply and tool storage. Top compartments can also collapse for larger items or light trashing. Includes an elastic retainer band.

  • OmniFlex™ Trash Bag

    OmniFlex™ Trash Bag

    Heavy duty nylon bag holds up to 55 gal trash liners and contains multiple pockets for tool and supply storage. Includes a Velcro panel on rear for quick and easy removal of liners. Also includes an elastic retainer band for trash liners.

  • OmniFlex™ Trolley-Bucket

    OmniFlex™ Trolley-Bucket

    The patented OmniFlex Trolley-Bucket is the most versatile mop bucket available today. For starters, it makes an ideal mop bucket/wringer combo for supporting traditional cleaning methods. But, it also does a whole lot more. Its built-in self dispensing spigot makes it perfect for applying fresh cleaning solution, degreaser, stripping solution, floor finish and gym finish in a fast and flawless manner. Add optional bins and microfiber accessories and convert it into a full-featured microfiber trolley system. Plus, when you’re ready, simply add OmniFlex™ components and tools to build a custom hygienic cleaning system that fits your exact needs.

  • OmniFlex™ Microfiber Trolley System

    OmniFlex™ Microfiber Trolley System

    The OmniFlex™ Microfiber Trolley System is the most flexible and low cost microfiber cleaning and waxing system available today. This patented system combines a versatile trolley framework, a self-dispensing solution bucket, an interlocking bin system, color-coded microfiber technology, worker-friendly design, and a simple foolproof process.

  • OmniFlex™ Wet/Dry Vacuum

    OmniFlex™ Wet/Dry Vacuum

    The powerful OmniFlex Wet/Dry Vacuum is designed for heavy-duty commercial and industrial floor maintenance. Used stand-alone as a traditional wet/dry vac, it’s great for picking up spills, detail cleaning, job site cleanup, flooding, vehicle and equipment detailing, and more. Or, it can be easily mounted on Kaivac’s OmniFlex trolley-bucket where it becomes an integral component of a high-performance OmniFlex Dispense-and-Vac or Spray-and-Vac cleaning system.

  • OmniFlex™ Pump System

    OmniFlex™ Pump System

    Optional "Black Box" Pump System for indoor pressure rinsing and applying automatically metered cleaning chemical. This component is used in Spray-and-Squeegee and Spray-and-Vac configurations. Available in 150 or 500 psi. Includes Spray Line and Spray Gun.

  • OmniFlex™ AutoVac Add-on Kit

    OmniFlex™ AutoVac Add-on Kit

    The AutoVac Add-on Kit quickly transforms your OmniFlex into an automated high performance floor machine that rivals the performance of an autoscrubber – at a fraction of the cost!

  • OmniFlex™ Interlocking Bins

    OmniFlex™ Interlocking Bins

    The OmniFlex interlocking bins system enables users to easily customize a microfiber cleaning system based on their specific needs with just a few simple components.

  • Ergo Speed Spreader

    Ergo Speed Spreader

    Kaivac's Ergo Speed Spreader is a flat mop assemply combining Kaivac's Ergo Mop Handle with the 18" Pad Holder along with 2 spreader pads for rapidly spreading cleaning solution. This practical accessory can be used with any Kaivac system but is particularly useful with the OmniFlex Dispense-and-Vac systems.

  • Wringer


    Heavy-duty down-pressure wringer for Trolley-Bucket.

  • OmniFlex™ Storage Handle

    OmniFlex™ Storage Handle

    Heavy duty handle with built-in storage tray for tools and supplies. Molded-in hooks accommodate wrapping of cords and hoses. Recommended for Spray-and-Squeegee and Spray-and-Vac configurations.

  • OmniFlex™ Dispense-and-Vac Maintenance Programs

    OmniFlex™ Dispense-and-Vac Maintenance Programs

    Kaivac offers Automated Maintenance Programs designed to keepyour OmniFlex™ system running at peak performance for 12 months and beyond. We’ll send you what you need, when you need it, so you don’t have to sweat the details. Now, just spend a couple minutes a month for worry-free operation.

The OmniFlex™ Crossover Cleaning System

With OmniFlex™ you can easily customize a cost-effective cleaning system for virtually any task or surface in the building. Begin with the components you require now and then add others as your cleaning needs evolve. The result is an approach that’s practical, flexible and truly multifunctional.


This revolutionary system offers an unprecedented range of cleaning capabilities and the ultimate in flexibility. The possibilities are nearly endless, enabling a variety of popular and advanced cleaning processes. So, whether you’re simply cleaning for appearance or cleaning for health, OmniFlex can help you achieve the results you need.



Start with the Basics!

Start with the most versatile trolley-bucket available today. Use it with a wringer for basic mopping or add OmniFlex components and tools to build a custom cleaning system to fit your growing needs.


Then Power up your Cleaning!

When you’re ready to move up, add the OmniFlex™ “black box” Pump component for indoor pressure washing capabilities. Or, add the high capacity OmniFlex Wet/Dry Vac to thoroughly remove soils, contaminants and other unwanted matter for true effective cleaning. Or better yet, add them both for the ultimate in high performance hygienic cleaning.


Have You Crossed Over?

The innovative OmniFlex approach leverages your equipment and training investment as you evolve your cleaning program. Instead of abandoning existing skills and equipment, grow their capabilities in small, manageable steps. So, when your requirements change, your cleaning system can adapt. Now, it’s easier than ever to “crossover” into high performance hygienic cleaning.



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