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  • Cleaning to Reduce the Risk of the H1N1 Flu Virus & other Disease Outbreaks

    Science-based strategies for preventing disease in K-12 school systems. Includes Specific Guidelines and Recommendations

  • Kaivac, Cleaning, and Public Restrooms

    In a classic and unique book written 30 years ago the architect and industrial consultant, Alexander Kira, discussed in detail the almost universal poor design of restroom facilities

  • Cleaning for Health: A Comparison of Cleaning Methods

    The results of this study were presented at the Cleaning Industry Research Institute (CIRI) symposium on May 2, 2007 in Las Vegas, NV.

    The purpose of this paper and investigation was to apply a scientific methodology to measure and compare the cle

  • The Public Restroom - A High Risk Environment

    From an environmental health scientist's point of view, a restroom, in particular a public restroom, is a high risk environment.

  • Removing Soil: A Comparison of Cleaning Methods

    Kaivac has long believed that clean can be defined as the absence of soils, and has accordingly designed its no-touch cleaning systems from the start for maximum soil removal. Although much anecdotal evidence had been collected over the years that seemed

  • Green Cleaning: Kaivac's Position

    The overall goal of “green cleaning” is to protect the health and safety of a building´s occupants and workers without harming the environment. This extends well beyond the realm of chemicals to include issues related to IEQ (indoor envi

  • No-Touch Cleaning

    The tools that most janitorial employees use have been around for the last century: wipers, buckets, mop heads, and a small army of cleaning supplies. They are simply inadequate for today´s cleaning challenges, but change is in the air…

  • What To Look For In A Strategic Partner

    There are a handful of forward-thinking, aggressive distributors that are actually thriving in this market. In fact, they´re using this period to grab customers and steal market share. They realize that, beyond death and taxes, one thing you can cou

  • A Strategic Focus For Distributors

    There's another breed of distributor that views the current environment as an opportunity. They see this as a prime time to aggressively steal new business and market share from the unprepared. They´ve discovered that proactively executing a well-th

  • Cleaner Healthier Schools Without Busting The Budget

    Schools are facing significantly greater cleaning challenges with substantially fewer resources. The good news is that over the last several years some major breakthroughs in commercial cleaning products and methods have been developed that can help schoo

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