• Respondents Questioned on Growing and Declining...

Respondents Questioned on Growing and Declining Markets

The May 2010 issue of Kai-Leidoscope, the monthly newsletter of Kaivac, Inc., originators of the No-Touch Cleaning® system, included a survey asking which market sectors the subscribers expect to be growing the most - and the least - in the next five years.


The newsletter is distributed to end users of the Kaivac No-Touch Cleaning system as well as to distributors of the machine and others in the professional cleaning industry.


According to the responses, nearly two-thirds are confident that the healthcare sector - doctor's offices, medical centers, and other health-related facilities - will grow the most in the coming years.


On the other hand, the respondents believe residential cleaning will grow the least in coming years (33 percent). This was followed by:


  • Office (building) cleaning, 22 percent
  • Educational facilities, also 22 percent
  • Government offices 11 percent.

'Most of the respondents also seem fairly optimistic about their own companies in years to come,'says Matt Morrison, Communications Manager for Kaivac. 'Fifty-six percent believe they will be growing in the next five years, with most of the rest indicating they expect their businesses to be about ‘the same' as they are now.'


A final question involved Kai-Leidoscope specifically. Respondents were asked what types of articles they would like to see in future issues. Half indicated they would like to read more 'Kaivac tips and tricks.'


'Most of the rest wanted more articles on cleaning and science,'adds Morrison, 'which as most people know, is something we are very focused on here at Kaivac.'


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