Hotel Room Cleaning Checklist

By Amy Milshtein

  • Hotel Room Cleaning Checklist

The summer travel season is big business for the US hotel industry. The American Lodging and Hotel Association estimates that leisure travelers spent $660.3 Billion on hotel stays in 2014. While that number continues to trend upwards, the sharing economy threatens to take a bite. The New York Times reports that one in three leisure travelers used private accommodations, like Airbnb, in 2015.


Hotels still hold an advantage over private residences; they’re known quantities guaranteed to be safe, comfortable and cleaned to scrupulous standards. Or so guests think. A hotel room cleaning checklist protects your reputation—and five-star reviews—by ensuring maintenance staff delivers consistently clean accommodations.


Bad Behavior Caught on Camera

The hotel industry has taken some public relations hits as of late as hidden camera-style exposes reveal housekeeping gaffs. While the splashy headlines are clickbait for sure, the potential danger to guests is real. Investigations show that maintenance staff often don’t change pillowcases along with the sheets and comforters can go months between washing. Swabbing common touchpoints like tv remotes and telephones reveal that they are filled with germs including E. Coli and other dangerous contaminates. Perhaps most upsetting, glasses and mugs are routinely not washed but merely wiped.


Avoid these missteps by following a well-designed hotel cleaning room checklist.


Clean and Comfortable Rooms

To ensure a great stay make sure cleaning staff:

  • Dust all woodwork, furniture, picture frames, window  and door sills, lampshades and heating/air conditioning units.
  • Vacuum floors
  • Clean walls and ceilings. Vacuum vents to remove cobwebs.
  • Polish furniture, empty wastebaskets.
  • Properly wash or replace ceramic mugs and glasses. Better yet, switch to disposable drinkware.
  • Make bed with fresh linens including pillow cases and bed spreads.
  • Clean mirrors, replenish guest room amenities.
  • Clean remote controls, telephone touchpad and earpiece


Sparkling and Safe Bathrooms

A fresh hotel bathroom is one of the delights of travel. Keep guests coming back again and again by:

  • Clean and dry tub and shower.
  • Swab toilet bowl with approved cleaner.
  • Clean and dry exterior of toilet bowl and seat.
  • Remove soap buildup and other soil from shower curtain.
  • Scrub tile and grout on walls and floors. Dry to prevent mold growth.
  • Clean and dry sink basin and vanity counter.
  • Polish chrome taps and showerhead.
  • Remove dust from vent grill.
  • Clean mirror.
  • Replenish toiletries, facial and toilet tissue.
  • Stock fresh towels and bathmat.


Instruct cleaning staff to check the entire room for maintenance issues. Damaged furnishings, torn upholstery, stained carpet and poorly functioning bathroom fixtures should be reported and fixed quickly.


Click here for tools that will help your staff get through their hotel room cleaning checklist quickly and thoroughly.



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