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Gatling Gun™ Lance

Gatling Gun Lance


Optional spray gun featuring an extended lance and specialized nozzle for a powerful rotary spray pattern for 500 psi systems. Perfect for blasting tough soils at point-blank range.

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The Gatling Gun™ Lance features a high-speed rotary nozzle on the end of an extended lance that delivers high performance cleaning power to hard surfaces through any 500 psi Kaivac No-Touch Cleaning system. High-pressure water from the KaiVac rotates the nozzle to deep clean target surfaces, blasting and loosening years of built up and embedded soils without rigorous manual brushing and harsh chemicals. And, because of its extreme agitation, the Gatling Gun Lance is ideal for chemical-free cleaning applications, such as Kaivac's rapid restroom cleaning process. It features heavy duty construction for extra long life. The applications for this high powered tool are limited only by the imagination - hard surface flooring, wall surfaces, concrete, stone, equipment, vehicles and much more.

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