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KaiTutor for No-Touch Cleaning

Part Number: KTKITNTC

Introducing KaiTutor™ - the anytime, anywhere personal trainer.

KaiTutor is an onboard training system designed to help custodial workers excel at job-related activities by delivering critical operational and educational information right when and where it’s needed - on the job. The result is “just-in-time” skill building for improved performance and productivity.

Mounted directly to Kaivac’s cleaning systems, the KaiTutor makes personal training readily available in a stimulating format. Now, even inexperienced workers can quickly become highly productive cleaning professionals. And, it’s a convenient way to reinforce prior formal training.

See It In Action$130.00

Includes player with micro SD card, zip-ties, wall charger and cable. On sale for a limited-time only.


  • Easy to understand training for all Kaivac cleaning systems available at point of use
  • Improves custodial performance and productivity
  • Viewers watch experts in action demonstrate best practices
  • Large and growing training library available
  • Minimizes the impact of turnover and unskilled workers
  • Clear visual instruction minimizes language barriers
  • Maximizes the return on equipment investment
  • Accelerates adoption of new innovation
  • Reduces need for technicians and improves self-reliance
  • Videos reside on updateable portable media stored directly on the system, improving performance while eliminating the need for wi-fi connection and data usage fees.

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