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These optional tools and attachments allow you to customize your Kaivac No-Touch Cleaning™ system to handle any cleaning task or surface your facility requires. The more you add the more convenient and effective your system will be.

    • 10-inch Squeegee Head
      Part Number: CVS12S10$33.66

      10-inch reduced-size vacuum/squeegee head for hard to reach tight and narrow areas.

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    • 28-inch Wide-area Squeegee Brush
      Part Number: VBRUSH28$202.98

      The 28-inch wide squeegee head with bristled floor brushes on the back side eliminates time wasted changing tools while cleaning...

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    • 28-inch Wide-area Squeegee Head
      Part Number: KAUTO28P$100.98

      The patented 28-inch wide-area squeegee head is designed for high-speed wet vacuuming of large floor areas, like kitchens, hallways, lobbies,...

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    • Carpet Extraction Brush Head
      Part Number: CBRUSH$30.59

      Instantly transform your standard Kaivac vacuum wand into a carpet and matting extraction tool.

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    • Carpet Extractor
      Part Number: CVA06$412.65

      Kaivac’s quick-connecting stainless steel extraction wand instantly transforms a No-Touch Cleaning system into a CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute) Silver-rated...

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    • DryAuto™
      Part Number: KAUTO28DP$202.98

      This wide-area dry vacuum tool eliminates the need for dust mopping and improves indoor air quality.

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    • DryVac™
      Part Number: DRYVACRK$249.99

      Kaivac's innovative new DryVac accessory makes No-Touch Cleaning even more convenient and cost-effective, eliminating the need to purchase or transport...

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    • Ergo Speed Spreader
      Part Number: ERGOSS$61.19

      Kaivac's Ergo Speed Spreader is a flat mop assembly combining Kaivac's Ergo Mop Handle with the 18" Pad Holder along...

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    • Gatling Gun™ Grouter
      Part Number: TURBOTL$399.00

      Low-Cost high-speed rotary nozzle delivers the power of a truck mount on a portable 500 psi Kaivac No-Touch Cleaning system.

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    • Gatling Gun™ Lance
      Part Number: SUBGATURBL$96.89

      Optional spray gun featuring an extended lance and specialized nozzle for a powerful rotary spray pattern for 500 psi systems....

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    • Gatling Gun™ Pistol
      Part Number: SUBGATURB$72.22

      Optional spray gun featuring a specialized nozzle for a powerful rotary spray pattern for 500 psi Kaivac No-Touch Cleaning system....

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    • KaiDolly™
      Part Number: DOLLY$304.78

      This portable dolly can turn your KaiVac 2150 into a janitor’s cart on wheels. It’s even capable of holding two...

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    • KaiGrouter™
      Part Number: GRTTL$449.00

      Blast ground in dirt from grout lines and more with this tool.

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    • KaiTurbine
      Part Number: DVTVH$19.28

      Air-driven beater bar powered by vacuum airflow, not electricity.

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    • KaiTutor™
      Part Number: KTKITODV $125.00 $99.99

      Introducing KaiTutor™ - the anytime, anywhere personal trainer.

      KaiTutor is an onboard training system designed to help custodial...

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    • Mohawk Grout Brush
      Part Number: GRTBRUSH1$13.26

      Lightweight in-line bristled brush designed for spotting grout lines while wet vacuuming.

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    • QuickDraw™
      Part Number: QDRAW3$304.98

      This patented tool provides instant chemical injection, making No-Touch Cleaning very practical and fast in small and mid-size restrooms.

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    • Squeegee Head Brush
      Part Number: VBRUSH$43.86

      Squeegee head with bristled floor brush on the back side eliminates time wasted changing tools while cleaning floors.


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    • Tote Bag
      Part Number: TBAG$27.69

      Large capacity, heavy duty bag carries tools and supplies. Holds up to two dozen standard rolls of toilet paper.

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    • Trash Compactor
      Part Number: TCKIT3$99.00

      Collecting and disposing of trash is a nearly universal facility problem. And the larger the facility, the bigger the job....

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    • Upholstery Tool
      Part Number: SUBUT$150.92

      This quick connecting upholstery tool features stainless steel construction and allows you to spot clean irregular upholstered surfaces such as...

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