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These optional tools and attachments allow you to customize your Kaivac No-Touch Cleaning™ system to handle any cleaning task or surface your facility requires. The more you add the more convenient and effective your system will be.

    • Trash Compactor

      Trash Compactor

      Collecting and disposing of trash is a nearly universal facility problem. And the larger the facility, the bigger the job. For example, schools, stadiums and airports may have dozens, if not hundreds, of trash cans to empty every single day. That’s a lot of labor and trash volume. What’s more, trips to the dumpster add up to a lot of lost productivity. What if you could reduce your trash volume by a third, or even a half? Kaivac's vacuum-powered Trash Compactor removes the air from trash bags in seconds, instantly shrinking them down. The technology works similarly to a food vacuum sealer. To operate, simply place the wand in the trash bag, crimp the top of the bag around the wand by hand, turn the vacuum on, remove the wand when it’s deflated and store the bag in the optional can or seal with a twist-tie. A reduction in trash volume means workers can collect more at a time, stay on task and be more productive. The reduction also translates to the trash cart as well as the dumpster, which will need less frequent emptying.

    • 10-inch Squeegee Head

      10-inch Squeegee Head

      10-inch reduced-size vacuum/squeegee head for hard to reach tight and narrow areas.

    • 28-inch Wide-area Squeegee Brush

      28-inch Wide-area Squeegee Brush

      The 28-inch wide squeegee head with bristled floor brushes on the back side eliminates time wasted changing tools while cleaning floors. It’s perfect for high-speed cleaning of kitchens, dining areas, hallways and other large floor spaces. Using the brush is as simple as flipping the swivel head to instantly access the heavy duty bristles. In addition, the swivel head makes it easy to reach under low obstacles to clean hard to reach areas. And, the sturdy, robust aluminum wand provides extra strength for bearing down when needed.

    • 28-inch Wide-area Squeegee Head

      28-inch Wide-area Squeegee Head

      The patented 28-inch wide-area squeegee head is designed for high-speed wet vacuuming of large floor areas, like kitchens, hallways, lobbies, big restrooms, gyms, fitness facilities, athletic mats and more.

    • Carpet Extraction Brush Head

      Carpet Extraction Brush Head

      Instantly transform your standard Kaivac vacuum wand into a carpet and matting extraction tool.

    • Carpet Extractor

      Carpet Extractor

      Kaivac’s quick-connecting stainless steel extraction wand instantly transforms a No-Touch Cleaning system into a CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute) Silver-rated carpet extractor. It includes dual spray nozzles for deep industrial carpet cleaning and water removal. Now, users can clean carpets and tight areas without a dedicated extraction machine.

    • DryAuto™


      This wide-area dry vacuum tool eliminates the need for dust mopping and improves indoor air quality.

    • DryVac™


      Kaivac's innovative new DryVac accessory makes No-Touch Cleaning even more convenient and cost-effective, eliminating the need to purchase or transport an additional vacuum cleaner.

    • Gatling Gun™ Grouter

      Gatling Gun™ Grouter

      Low-Cost high-speed rotary nozzle delivers the power of a truck mount on a portable 500 psi Kaivac No-Touch Cleaning system.

    • Gatling Gun™ Lance

      Gatling Gun™ Lance

      Optional spray gun featuring an extended lance and specialized nozzle for a powerful rotary spray pattern for 500 psi systems. Perfect for blasting tough soils at point-blank range.

    • Gatling Gun™ Pistol

      Gatling Gun™ Pistol

      Optional spray gun featuring a specialized nozzle for a powerful rotary spray pattern for 500 psi Kaivac No-Touch Cleaning system. Makes the chemical-free process even faster.

    • KaiDolly™


      This portable dolly can turn your KaiVac 2150 into a janitor’s cart on wheels. It’s even capable of holding two Slim Jim cans or a 40 gallon square Brute can for added space.

    • KaiGrouter™


      Blast ground in dirt from grout lines and more with this tool.

    • KaiTurbine


      Air-driven beater bar powered by vacuum airflow, not electricity.

    • Mohawk Grout Brush

      Mohawk Grout Brush

      Lightweight in-line bristled brush designed for spotting grout lines while wet vacuuming.

    • QuickDraw™


      This patented tool provides instant chemical injection, making No-Touch Cleaning very practical and fast in small and mid-size restrooms.

    • Squeegee Head Brush

      Squeegee Head Brush

      Squeegee head with bristled floor brush on the back side eliminates time wasted changing tools while cleaning floors. *Does not include vacuum wand.

    • Tote Bag

      Tote Bag

      Large capacity, heavy duty bag carries tools and supplies. Holds up to two dozen standard rolls of toilet paper.

    • Upholstery Tool

      Upholstery Tool

      This quick connecting upholstery tool features stainless steel construction and allows you to spot clean irregular upholstered surfaces such as furniture and carpets. It’s also great on certain hard surfaces like desktops, cafeteria chairs and tables.

    • Ergo Speed Spreader

      Ergo Speed Spreader

      Kaivac's Ergo Speed Spreader is a flat mop assembly combining Kaivac's Ergo Mop Handle with the 18" Pad Holder along with 2 spreader pads for rapidly spreading cleaning solution. This practical accessory can be used with any Kaivac system but is particularly useful with the OmniFlex Dispense-and-Vac systems.

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