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Weather Related Cleaning

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  • Trash Compactor ManualOmniFlex™ AutoVac™ Battery

    The OmniFlex AutoVac is an automated high performance floor cleaning machine that's three-four times faster than a mop, but instead of spreading soils, it actually removes them completely from the floor surface. Even more impressive, it cleans as well and as fast as a traditional walk-behind or ride-on auto scrubber at a fraction of the cost! A really simple approach to cleaner, safer floors, this system is perfect for high speed cleaning of hard surface areas, such as entranceways, hallways, cafeterias, lobbies, warehouses, fitness areas and more. It rivals the performance of an auto scrubber without the added cost or complexity, making it perfect for building service contractors and facility managers alike.

  • Trash Compactor ManualOmniFlex™ SUV™

    Say goodbye to the traditional janitor’s cart. The Lithium-ion powered OmniFlex™ SUV™ is the first practical whole building mop replacement ever developed. In fact, it’s a true all-in-one system that not only replaces mops and buckets, but also wet vacuums, dust mops, and in some cases, even autoscrubbers. Plus, it reduces trash volume by up to two-thirds with its integrated trash compactor. Most important, it gets floors and other surfaces really clean, really fast. The ultimate in Crossover Cleaning, it combines high speed push-behind cleaning for large areas with the precision and flexibility of a vacuum wand for smaller or congested areas, tight corners, or grouted floors. The result is a compact cart that‘s three-four times faster than mopping and 30-60 times better.

  • Trash Compactor ManualOmniFlex™ Dispense-and-Vac

    The OmniFlex Dispense-and-Vac system offers a simple, fast approach to cleaner, safer floors. Its extreme cleaning capabilities achieve hygienic results in even the heaviest soil and grease conditions. In fact, like most Kaivac systems, it's up to 60 times better at removing soil and contaminants than mopping.

  • Trash Compactor ManualKaiVac 1750 No-Touch Cleaning® System

    When it comes to restrooms and other heavily soiled areas, nothing beats Spray-and-Vac cleaning. Kaivac’s No-Touch Cleaning systems are built for extreme soil removal, empowering workers to clean hygienically without touching contaminated surfaces. Plus, it cuts labor, chemical and equipment costs.

Bad weather can be a building owner's nightmare. Rain, snow, salt, mud and more wreak havoc on floors and entryways creating a costly and dangerous situation. Just as bad, they leave a bad impression on customers and employees

It's important to remove the liquid, salt, particulate, and so on quickly and thoroughly before it finds its way throughout the building, or worse, damages the finish or floor.

The nearly universal response is a mop and bucket. But they do a very poor job of removing the mess, and worse, they leave the floor wet and slippery – for a really long time! During that time the risk to people and property remains. Unfortunately, when the floor does dry, a familiar and unsightly haze often remains. To compound the situation, improper or incomplete removal can actually create a greater risk than the original spill.

Autoscrubbers work better, but aren't very practical during business hours.  Plus, they can grind salt, gravel and particulate into the floor finish and surface.

Kaivac to the Rescue

Fortunately, Kaivac offers a variety of effective solutions to this costly and potentially dangerous situation. Kaivac's vacuum-powered systems are perfect for weather-related cleaning like snow, salt, gravel, mud and water pickup for improved floor safety and perfect first impressions. Their cordless and nimble maneuverability enable cleaning throughout the day.

Protect Your Image

Before and After Salt Clean upFirst impressions matter.  Maintaining a clean, inviting appearance throughout the day keeps customers coming back and employees motivated.

Protect People

NFSI High TractionTotal cleaning and instant drying mean immediate availability and reduced slip-and-fall accidents. In fact, Kaivac's No-Touch Cleaning® and OmniFlex Crossover Cleaning systems have been certified by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) for providing High Traction.

Protect Flooring

AutoVac Cleaning FloorMoisture, salt, grit and other weather-related matter can harm finishes and flooring. Kaivac's systems simplify and accelerate the removal of these in a way that's gentle but thorough. Their nimble maneuverability enables them to be used throughout the day if necessary. 

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