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Multipurpose Capabilities

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  • KaiVac® 1250KaiVac® 1250

    When it comes to restrooms and other heavily soiled areas, nothing beats Spray-and-Vac cleaning. Kaivac's No-Touch Cleaning systems are built for extreme soil removal, empowering workers to clean hygienically without touching contaminated surfaces. Plus, it cuts labor, chemical and equipment costs. Achieving great, consistent results is easy with these patented systems.

  • KaiFly™KaiFly™

    The KaiFly system combines microfiber, window squeegee and chemical injection technologies to rapidly remove harmful bio-pollutants. In tests conducted by an independent NELAP-accredited laboratory, the KaiFly system removed greater than 99.9% of targeted bacteria when used with plain tap water only.

  • Carpet ExtractorCarpet Extractor

    Kaivac’s quick-connecting stainless steel extraction wand instantly transforms a No-Touch Cleaning system into a CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute) Silver-rated carpet extractor. It includes dual spray nozzles for deep industrial carpet cleaning and water removal. Now, users can clean carpets and tight areas without a dedicated extraction machine.

Kaivac offers an integrated portfolio of cleaning systems designed to address a wide range of critical spaces, surfaces and touch points throughout the facility. These tools not only produce a clean and fresh environment, but more importantly, they help prevent the spread of infectious disease.

Versatile Whole-Building Cleaning from One Machine

Kaivac's multipurpose No-Touch Cleaning® systems are built to tackle just about any surface and space in any facility type. This unique versatility allows for deep cleaning of restrooms, kitchens, hallways, carpeted areas, stairwells, classrooms, gyms and fitness areas, medical rooms, sales floors and much more. In addition, these versatile machines accommodate a variety of quick-connecting accessories that enable wet or dry cleaning on hard or carpeted surfaces throughout the building.

So, simplify your life, increase efficiency and save on equipment costs by eliminating the need for additional equipment such as: mops, buckets, carpet extractors, wet vacuums, pressure washers, auto scrubbers, dry vacuums, grout cleaning machines, janitor carts, and more.

Clean Critical Touch Points

Often overlooked, these surfaces are the most used in a building and potentially the most harmful to its occupants. Kaivac offers a variety of tools to quickly address these critical disease transfer points throughout the building.

KaiFly™ - flat surface cleaning system—combines microfiber, window squeegee and chemical injection technologies to rapidly remove harmful bio-pollutants from desktops, chalk and dry erase boards, tabletops, stalls, partitions, windows and many more classroom surfaces.  It removes 80 times more bacteria than standard wipes and cloths.

KaiWipes™ - complete your hygienic cleaning program with the ability to quickly and easily clean common touch points, irregular surfaces and much more with the simple pull of a wipe.  Each new wipe is fresh, unlike towels and rags which can accumulate soil and organic contaminants over continual use if not changed out.

SmartTowel™ - patent-pending microfiber towel numbered in quadrants – 1 through 4 on one side, and 5 through 8 on the other. This allows the user to fold the towel and use only one quadrant at a time. When a quadrant becomes soiled, the user can simply fold the towel to the next in sequence using the numbered system. With the ability to manage which section of the towel has been used, the user can effectively reduce the risk of cross-contamination and clean with confidence.

Advanced Floor Care

In any building, floors represent a large share of the cleaning burden and comprise many different surface materials, from carpeting to wood, terrazzo, ceramic tile, VCT and more.  Depending on the needs and make up of a particular facility, Kaivac offers a variety of solutions. For example, Kaivac's No-Touch Cleaning systems are unsurpassed for deep cleaning hard surfaces and grout lines in restrooms, hallways, classrooms, factory floors and more. Plus, the simple addition of the Carpet Extraction wand, instantly converts it into a CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute) approved carpet extractor. Plus the DryVac™ attachment is perfect for dry vacuuming hard or carpeted surfaces.

Kaivac also offers a range of flat microfiber-based Ergo Mopping and Flawless Waxing systems. The OmniFlex Trolley Bucket is perfect for flawless waxing, wet/dry mopping and all surface micro-cleaning. The systems combine precise flow control, an ergonomic mop handle and frame and microfiber technology with no cross contamination. In addition to floors, OmniFlex can be used to clean many other flat surfaces including walls, ceilings, chalkboards/ whiteboards, partitions and just about any other hard surface.

For more information on how we can help with specific surfaces and facility types, visit our solutions area.

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