OmniFlex™ Dispense-and-Vac

OmniFlex™ Dispense-and-Vac

Part Number: ODV

The Dispense-and-Vac system is one of the most popular OmniFlex™ models, providing a simple, fast approach to clean, safe floors.

The OmniFlex Dispense-and-Vac system is available as a pre-configured system or can be assembled by simply adding the optional OmniFlex™ Wet/Dry Vac to an OmniFlex Trolley-Bucket. Either way, just open the spigot and apply fresh cleaning solution to the floor, spread and lightly brush into grout lines, and then vacuum the soils and liquid away. Floors are clean and dry. The process is better, faster and safer than cleaning with a mop.

A food service model is also available with a grease-resistant, crush-proof vacuum hose.

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Video & Photos

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  • The FACTS about Kaivac's Process
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  • OmniFlex™ Overview
  • Cleaning Spills with OmniFlex
Manuals & Literature

Manuals & Literature

Full Specs

Full Specs

  • Vac Tank: 10 Gallons (37,85 l)
  • Dump/Drain Hose: 23 inches (58,4 cm) long
  • Vac Tank Cleanout: 100% via Dump/Drain Hose
  • Vac CFM: 60 cfm (1700 l/min)
  • Vac Motor Lift: 80 inches (203,2 cm)
  • Vac Hose: 45' (13,7 m) slinky style
  • Vac Wand: 2-piece
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