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Disease Prevention

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  • Kaivac 1750 Manual (Serial Numbers 13409+)KaiVac 1750 No-Touch Cleaning® System

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  • Kaivac 1750 Manual (Serial Numbers 13409+)KaiVac 1715 No-Touch Cleaning® System

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  • Kaivac 1750 Manual (Serial Numbers 13409+)KaiVac 1250 No-Touch Cleaning® System

    The KaiVac 1250 is compact, lightweight, as well as easy to maneuver and transport. But don't let its size fool you. It packs a powerful 500 psi pump and a heavy duty three-stage vacuum motor for deep cleaning restrooms and other areas of the facility. In addition, it supports many add-ons and attachments that round out its already versatile performance.

Prevention is Better than Cure


It is becoming increasingly clear that the best way to deal with disease is not to treat it but to prevent it, and some strategies are rather simple. For example, experts agree that good personal hygiene is an important component in preventing the spread of bacteria and germs. Another critical component is hygienic cleaning of environmental surfaces, especially those that come into direct contact with skin. In fact, the more we understand about disease and how it is transferred, the more clear the importance of cleaning becomes. In fact it's considered by many healthcare professionals and environmental scientists as our first line of defense against infectious disease.


However, it's important that facilities choose cleaning methods and products wisely to ensure that they are incorporating the most effective tools for removing harmful bio-contaminants. Not all cleaning tools and methods are alike and not all are designed to clean thoroughly in order to achieve healthy results. It's very important to understand the dangers of cross contamination and the tendency for many common tools and processes to actually spread the problem. In fact, some environmental scientists maintain that it's actually better to not clean than to clean using ineffective methods.


Remove it – Prove it™


Kaivac delivers turnkey hygienic cleaning and measurement systems that enable facility service providers to remove the maximum amount of bio-pollution and then prove it through rapid hygiene measurement technology.


In addition to cleaning technologies, Kaivac offers two EPA-registered disinfectants, KaiBosh™ and KaiSan II™. They are effective against MRSA, Norovirus, Influeza (including Swine Flu [H1N1]), AIDS/HIV virus and much more.


Kaivac believes that cleaning is the removal of all unwanted soils and substances. This can include common soils, trash, clutter, but it also must extend into the invisible realm of microbes if cleaning is to truly protect health. Regardless of whether cleaning a restroom, kitchen, classroom, shop floor, or surgery suite the goal must be to remove the maximum amount of soils and bio-pollution, both seen and unseen. Then, validate through proper measurement.


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