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Kitchen Cleaning Comparison OmniFlex vs. Mopping - Savings Guide / Return on Investment (ROI) Calculators

Kitchen Cleaning Comparison OmniFlex™ vs. Mopping

  • Step 1: Initial Cost Details

    Mopping Equipment You're Considering Purchasing or Currently Using (which could be replaced by the OmniFlex unit[s])

  • Step 2: Ongoing Costs

    • Many users have discovered that the soil removal capabilities of OmniFlex enable them to use a less expensive standard cleaning chemical. Would you like to include these savings in your ROI calculation?


      Average cost, per gallon, of the chemicals you're currently using to mop your floors.

  • Step 3: Labor Costs

  • Step 4: Miscellaneous Costs

    • OmniFlex helps eliminate or reduce costs related to periodic contract services.

    • Do you use any of the following services?


    • How many mats do you maintain per week?

    • How much does each mat cost to service & maintain?

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